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Learning French online with Skype is a flexible and effective way to take French lessons.
Taking a French course on Skype is simple. You just need to have a Skype account and to download the software. Then, you can interact very easily with your French teacher in real time. Sharing files and multimedia documents is also possible.

As the French classes are conducted via Skype, I can teach you no matter where you are, in the comfort of your home or office. You can learn at your own pace.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !

Beginner to advanced level!

◆ Conversation lessons

■ Order at the restaurant;
■ Shopping;
■ Simple conversations in hotels and tourist spots;
■ Meeting and communicating with people;
■ Etc.

If necessary, an e-mail with the vocabulary or pictures used during the lesson will be sent to you in advance. During the lesson, the conversation will follow the theme. If you wish, a summary of the lesson can be sent to you to help you review what has been studied.

◆ Grammar lessons

Lessons focusing on French grammar.
Progessive approach.
A file will be sent in advance with the contents of the lesson, such as grammar points, phrases, and example sentences. During the lesson, the instructor will explain the grammar and phrases, and the students will be required to practice.
After completing the lesson, exercises will be sent to you by email. If you request a correction, please send your answers by email (attached file).

◆ Textbook course (Regular curriculum)

It is recommended for those who need a progressive tailored curriculum.

※ The format of attached file sent by e-mail is Word, Text or PDF.

Lesson time, request & Prices

Japan time zone

Weekdays: 7: 00-23: 00
Saturday-Sunday: 7: 00-20: 00

Request Classes

You can order classes by contacting us by email. A free 30 minutes trial lesson is offered!
If you have any questions regarding French online lessons, feel free to contact me.

I try to be flexible so that you can have classes when and where you would like. I will exchange our Skype and email details at this stage.


45 minutes lesson  

Admission fee: US$25

 ■ 4 lessons: US$90 (expiration date 1 month)

 ■ 8 lessons: US$160 (expiration date 2 months)

 ■ 12 lessons: US$224 (expiration date 3 months)

Click and send an email if you have any question!

How to pay for online lessons:

The tuition fee is paid monthly and the entrance fee is US$25.
The lesson tuitions have to be paid by the end of the previous session. .

❶ Bank transfer
■ International Bank transfer
■ Bank tranfer (Residents of Japan)

➋ Paypal
ペイパル |VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Union Pay, 銀行

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